About Harish Bisht

Harish Bisht is a born physicist by mind, body and soul. Ever since he was an undergraduate student he had been into educating his juniors and school students with physics problems, concept understanding and application. Teaching Physics is his passion and the art of delivery of content is very close to real life application. He strongly believes that whatever happens in and around us has a reason behind it which can be explained through basic fundamental of physics. Prof HC Verma is his ideal and he religiously follows his pedagogy in teaching physics.
He comes with an enriching experience of 15 years of teaching Physics at Senior Secondary level and foundation courses for JEE . He has big number of students who have cracked IIT JEE and are now well placed in life. He wants to reach to all those aspiring students who have dearth of good quality resources and are struggling to perform well in engineering entrance examinations.
Harish Bisht feels that through this website he will be able to fulfill the dreams of all those thousands students and may bring a spark in their lives. Beside videos on concepts of physics, this website will also offer worksheets and assignments. He will genuinely need your feedback and suggestions so that he can make this website a valuable resource for all of you.

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